Window Washing – The Clear Choice

There’s more to having clean windows than first meets the eye.

Anyone working in retail offices or in a commercial building understands the importance of having a business that maintains a professional appearance. This includes everything from the exterior upkeep of the property to the interior cleaning of floors, walls, and windows.

Hiring Alaska Building Maintenance window washing services is the best course of action for those who wish to ensure that their commercial properties are maintained in premium condition. Our window cleaners will ensure that your business has the clean, smudge-proof windows needed to attract your business more business.

Window Washing – More than Aesthetics

Commercial buildings that utilize ABM Services window washing services include hotels, restaurants, business complexes, banks, educational facilities and schools, hospitals and other health-related facilities, unit complexes and retirement homes, and retail stores.

The cleanliness of your windows can directly affect your business and influence customers. There is no excuse for having dirty windows, and customers will not have a forgiving attitude. Dirty windows create an unprofessional atmosphere that gives the message that your company is not concerned with how you present yourselves to clients. By choosing Corporate Cleaning Services® window cleaning services, however, you can make certain that your windows will be an asset to your business, not a hindrance. Whether you are after window cleaning solutions for a store, hospital, or school, you will find that our professional cleaning services provide the most efficient results.

Leave Cleaning to the Experts

By selecting Alaska Building Maintenance for your window cleaning needs, your company will not only ensure that your windows are clean, but that those who handle the job are prepared for the task. Our window cleaners have the equipment and training necessary for handling windows on ground-level buildings as well as high-rise buildings.

High Rise Window Cleaning

If you have offices in a high-rise building, you need to hire someone to clean your windows. Cleaning high-rise windows is extremely dangerous, and involves professional equipment including scaffolding, guardrails, and security ropes. Our professional cleaners are trained in a variety of cleaning methods that ensure even the hardest-to-reach windows are cleaned, polished, and shined to perfection.